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Your random noob's praises, complains and questions

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Your random noob's praises, complains and questions Empty Your random noob's praises, complains and questions

Post  Lulero Fri Nov 29, 2013 2:49 pm

Hi! I've been playing Ring Runner quite a lot recently and enjoying it. I'm quite the newbie though, playing on Sage if not easier at times. But I did manage to "beat" the game and it was an excellent ride.


The visuals and sound track are great, the game-play shines thanks to good mission designs, ship archetypes (not limited to the classical light, fast bruiser vs massive, slow heavy hitter), customization, and a brilliant story-telling. Those 20+ hours you need to complete the campaign never get boring.

A few complains.

On the other side, once you finished the campaign and want to move forward, some bits are frustrating ... I feel the research system is pretty irrelevant (best to unlock stuff doing missions or scenarios). The HMI could use an overhaul to reduce the number of clicks needed to access information (and look better). With my skills, it's really a long grind to get enough plex to try out a new archetype (veterancies in particular). I understand I should do so using the pre-built ships I unlocked but I'd rather fly my own experiments that I can tweak around. And last but not least, I have yet to find a multiplayer game to join.

My current ship.

I'm mostly using a C5 squid tuned to make the most out of area of effects skills like protovoltic arc, MADRATi personal pulsar, Rhodonea Field and comet. It turns out great against large amount of ships and structures, however I feel it's a bit too squishy to make the jump to higher difficulties.

What is next for me?

I'd like a more resilient ship focusing on single target damage output. I've toyed a bit with grapplers but I'd like something with some more range than that. And seeing how hard it is for me to gather plex, I might looking into a design that would allow me to tackle one of the scenario at a decent difficulty. Any tip?


Some random little things I forgot. How did the steam launch work for you (a bit worried seeing nobody in the multiplayer part of the game)? Are you planning on adding content to the game? Or is a sequel in the making? What about rank restricted scenarios to give a use to those early game hulls and allow for cheaper access to late game?


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Your random noob's praises, complains and questions Empty Re: Your random noob's praises, complains and questions

Post  Paul Dryere Fri Nov 29, 2013 4:47 pm

Hey Lulero thanks for the feedback.

We have been trying to quicken the pace of acquiring equipment and hulls in the last couple of patches. We want it to feel like a bit of an accomplishment to acquire them, and to not overwhelm the player with too many options too quickly.

We have done okay on Steam so far, but we still need to catch a bit of a break in order to get the numbers to have a thriving multiplayer community especially since our game has such a strong single player component. Something I can't stress enough is that if you don't see any games, you can just make one. All multiplayer scenarios (except deathmatch) are basically identical to their single player counterparts. They just scale in difficulty as players drop in and out. The game supports drop in/out and host migration.

As for making plex, you could try hunting for specific achievements that give big plex rewards. I would recommend getting one archetype's veterancies first in order to be able to hang in the higher difficulties and get more plex.
Paul Dryere
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