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New Idea: Universal Nodes

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New Idea: Universal Nodes Empty New Idea: Universal Nodes

Post  Jessen Fri Oct 04, 2013 9:50 pm

I had an idea while sitting around looking at some of the changes done to the game. The different mixups of types for ships are fun, they give you a number of ways to play. That being said, Some of the ships could be better if they had specific equipment that the nodes they possess might not give, or be too low of a node level to successfully fit.

A Universal Node would perhaps be one node where you can specify what type of node it is, and this could be limited in any number of ways, but it would give you even more customization of your ships. These nodes could be limited by their level, as well as not being able to pick a node type that you already have on the ship.

Take this idea for what its worth.


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New Idea: Universal Nodes Empty Re: New Idea: Universal Nodes

Post  EvilNinjadude Sat Oct 05, 2013 3:26 am

Firstly, I don't quite understand. Do you want a node for universal equipment, like the Weapons bay, or a node that can become ANY node of any archetype? I think you mean the second one though, so let me present my argument:

The current hybrid ships are already built around exploiting the synergy between the weapons, features and abilities of different archetypes. Adding a node that could be a node of any archetype would make the ship a little overpowered as well as less predictable in combat. One of the things I loved is that every ship felt unique, but unique for its Hull type. A Wyveros FEELS different than a Luciern or a Kumo when you're fighting it, because of the balance of the nodes.

Also, there's already a universal node, and it IS OP. It's what the flying mailbox and Hapty have to store their equipment.

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