Ships and hulls?

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Ships and hulls? Empty Ships and hulls?

Post  perplexingTheorist on Thu Dec 06, 2012 12:42 am

I've noticed that the ship hull levels that are available to me are limited to the 1-3 levels.

I know higher levels exist, but it seems that i cannot research any other hulls and I haven't found any schematics for higher levels. Is this a bug or do i have do i have to play more to find them?

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Ships and hulls? Empty Re: Ships and hulls?

Post  Paul Dryere on Thu Dec 06, 2012 1:44 am

The demo restricts hulls to rank 3 and only allows you to unlock a small fraction of the equipment. Depending on your kickstarter pledge, you are able to download versions that are more "unlocked". Kickstarter backers can upgrade their pledge to get these other versions through our store.
Paul Dryere
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