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Trying to get ringrunner more popular.

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Trying to get ringrunner more popular. Empty Trying to get ringrunner more popular.

Post  Murky42 Sun Jan 03, 2016 3:05 am

I quite like this game (understatement of the year) but despite all my efforts to evangelize it sadly I haven't had too much luck so far.

That being said I think some opportunities might still be open.

I think one of the problems that ringrunner suffers from is that its too unique and as a result doesn't give people a frame of reference to start from. This combined with it's slow start due to its fun but lengthy tutorial makes getting traction hard.

I use Itch.IO every now and then to find good indie games and I decided to see if you guys were on there.

Currently not and considering that place is a haven for indie games and has an audience looking for something different you might be able to garner additional fans/sales from there.

I have also noticed a trend of well written post mortem analyses of why games didn't launch well can have a tendency to gain a lot of media attention.

Call me a bleeding optimist but you got something great here and there are still plenty of people out there that want to play ringrunner but simply don't know it yet. So never give up and keep dragging ringrunner to the forefront.


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