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Campaign in "Canonical" order

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Campaign in "Canonical" order Empty Campaign in "Canonical" order

Post  SageWhiteWeasel Fri Dec 05, 2014 10:38 pm

While the non-linearness is great, I felt I understood the story a lot better if you do it in order. You can do this by beating a galaxy, going to the menu, and selecting single player, continue campaign, continue. Or selecting continue after you beat the final mission of a galaxy.  

Also a list for you guys:
Litter Glitter Galaxy->Austrellis 5->Telcado Galaxy->[End of tutorial galaxies]->Chakravarthi Cluster->Hoopiter->Metrova->Blackfurrow->Remembrance->Fairstone->Shaveranda->Nightona->Bozeman->Greasehaven->Galawynde->Milky Way->Zorasura Crescent->Lowallow->Niandros->Outpost Nine->[Start of final Stretch]->Thron->Duo->Ezcoja->Pudisnext->Atamdwell


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Campaign in "Canonical" order Empty Re: Campaign in "Canonical" order

Post  rtcvb32 Wed Dec 31, 2014 6:22 am

I think this is underrated, as trying to play through the game again at a higher difficulty and trying to re-experience the plot, i get lost since i have access to all the galaxies, rather than re-locking or giving hints of suggested order or where from/to next for the basic story/plot. Yeah there's options to skip to a level you haven't completed, or is under a difficulty level, or you haven't completed all optional objectives, etc, but that massively skips you just to challenges while the context of the missions/story is lost.

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