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A Bunch of Newbie Questions

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A Bunch of Newbie Questions Empty A Bunch of Newbie Questions

Post  UnLimiTeD Tue Jul 01, 2014 7:50 pm

So, uhm... Hi.

I bought the game a bit ago in a GoG sale, and it's been worth way more than the money I spent on it.

I've had a few questions nagging me for a bit now, and given that it's rapidly closing on 2 AM, I figured I'd give up any however justified attempts to wrap them up in a proper introdution or someother eyepleasing fluff and get straight to the crunch; I can add more text should I get any answers.

1) I'm not particularly a multiplayer person, or rather, not initially, I'll explain that another time.
Is there any way to properly judge the performance of a Ship I put together? At current difficulties (Flooded Gate), it ends up being a matter of opponents, and potentially allies, and mostly ends in my victory anyways, but I'm a bit afraid going further up because as far as I know that only raises the opponents stats, making burst damage and evasion more imporant than they might end up being under 'realistic' circumstances, if there is such a thing.

2) What do bosses do in SDL? I noticed they seem to give some sort of buff, but I can't quite put my finger on it.

3) How much do you value range? I found long range equipment to be extremely useful in any matchup involving structures, but then again, AI is still AI, and if I can bombard a Tower for the good part of a minute, that's not a realistic assessment.

4) Will there ever be a C5F with an Advanced Heatsind? Razz

5) Are Duos viable in 'real combat' ?

Thanks ahead of time for any answers, and I'd like to commend the developers and anyone else potentially involved for creating such a good timesink!



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A Bunch of Newbie Questions Empty Re: A Bunch of Newbie Questions

Post  EvilNinjadude Wed Jul 02, 2014 12:57 am

1. Turning up the difficulty also makes the AI a bit smarter, as in, their reaction time and decision making is improved. Of course, you'll notice that way less than the WTFburstdamage thing.
I have a ship that survives on Union, and wrecks face unless it's completely overwhelmed. We can fight sometime.

2. I don't really know. Never killed one of them, because it means not protecting our towers or pushing the enemy towers.

3. Range is cool, but more important is the hit method. I fight at either medium range, or at variable range with seeking rockets. And by medium range I mean about 2/3 of the length of a gemini laser cannon.

4. Idunno.

5. Duos are larger and heavier, but have more Node slots to make up for it. Essentially, if you value firepower over mobility, they are better ships than the normal ones, but if you value mobility instead, there's not much point to them.

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