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Hull unlocks reset

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Hull unlocks reset Empty Hull unlocks reset

Post  Ennte Tue May 27, 2014 6:13 pm


First: Alert, may contain spoilers. I'll try to hide the main things.

At a some point in the campaign I suddenly couldn't change ships anymore. I had my trusted Mercury but when I clicked Change Hull all options (classes) were greyed out and I couldn't change / select anything. At first I thought that was just for a few missions as I had just reached an important point in the campaign. But as it persisted for quite some time and I couldn't select any hull in older missions or even in multiplayer I suspected some bug. I went to an older mission were I was given a hull (the g1 or g3 or something like that) and from then on could only use that one and even my mercury disappeared. After some additional testing I found out that the hull selection screen works - but all my hull acquisitions were reset and I simply had no hulls to choose from. After buying (or replaying older missions to get them) I could then again use those newly acquired ones.

Having spent most of my money on Equipment which didn't reset that bug is not too bad for me and I don't need any action to be taken. But you may want to look into it for other players who collect more hulls Wink

Timing (contains spoilers):
I think I finished all the nodes on the galaxy map but milky way, then took the one on top where you get another sage power and from then on continued with the storyline (escaping, meeting solipso etc). I realised the true meaning of the bug when I went against the extinguisher who ambushes you in some empty city. My mercury was not as effective against him (relying heavily on ace drive). In the end I killed him with that low level grappler on rookie with lots of mines Very Happy. After that (not wanting to continue with the g1 or g3) I bought another cheap hull to test it and could then choose that. After replaying the mercury steal thing I got my mercury back. So really all hull purchases (even acquisitions through campaign and basic ones) were undone and I had no hull to choose from. Prebuilts for multiplayer were and are still unlocked.


(who finally finished the campaign and just now remembered that there are difficulty levels higher than sage - I mean who scrolls on the difficulty chooser ^^. Got a lot of missions to redo on higher levels)


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