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Hull unlocks reset

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Hull unlocks reset Empty Hull unlocks reset

Post  Ennte Tue May 27, 2014 6:13 pm


First: Alert, may contain spoilers. I'll try to hide the main things.

At a some point in the campaign I suddenly couldn't change ships anymore. I had my trusted Mercury but when I clicked Change Hull all options (classes) were greyed out and I couldn't change / select anything. At first I thought that was just for a few missions as I had just reached an important point in the campaign. But as it persisted for quite some time and I couldn't select any hull in older missions or even in multiplayer I suspected some bug. I went to an older mission were I was given a hull (the g1 or g3 or something like that) and from then on could only use that one and even my mercury disappeared. After some additional testing I found out that the hull selection screen works - but all my hull acquisitions were reset and I simply had no hulls to choose from. After buying (or replaying older missions to get them) I could then again use those newly acquired ones.

Having spent most of my money on Equipment which didn't reset that bug is not too bad for me and I don't need any action to be taken. But you may want to look into it for other players who collect more hulls Wink

Timing (contains spoilers):


(who finally finished the campaign and just now remembered that there are difficulty levels higher than sage - I mean who scrolls on the difficulty chooser ^^. Got a lot of missions to redo on higher levels)


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