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linux+wine=RingRunner working

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linux+wine=RingRunner working Empty linux+wine=RingRunner working

Post  RobRings Wed May 07, 2014 7:49 am

Hello guys,

I just wanted to let people know that I got RingRunner working under linux.

relevent parts of my setup:
graphics card:nvidia gts 450 2x(sli)
propertairy nvidia drivers:yes

Here are some instructions to do it yourself.

Install wine 1.7(not included in standard repositories, check winehq.org for instructions).
Make a 32-bit wine prefix

install msxml3 with winetricks(winetricks from standard repositories worked fine for me). command:winetricks -q msxml3
(Im not sure if this is nessecary)
install dotnet40 with winetricks command:winetricks -q dotnet40
(If this fails try installing xps first, which is available at:http://download.microsoft.com/download/2/5/2/2526f55d-32bc-410f-be18-164ba67ae07d/XPSEP%20XP%20and%20Server%202003%2032%20bit.msi)

Install RingRunner(if you have Steam that works to, but there's a catch.)
If you have Steam:run RingRunner once, It fails, but I think you have to run it at least once.

I used the steam version and i encountered some errors when playing through steam. To solve it, I run RingRunner.exe directly with wine. (location:your steam directory/SteamApps/common/RingRunner/RingRunner.exe)
IMPORTANT: That last step fails with me unless I enter the directory through a command-line interface and run RingRunner from there.

Some other notes:

I could not get it running through steam unless I used native xinput dlls for wine, however, this breaks keyboard input in the game to the point where it crashes. Perhaps someone knows a solution?

Im not sure this works on every system, I think it depends on your graphics card. If you report an error, please give the model of your graphics card.

edit: I think you have to set the wine to win7, otherwise it fails.

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