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What's going on? New bugs and Suggestions.

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What's going on? New bugs and Suggestions. Empty What's going on? New bugs and Suggestions.

Post  EvilNinjadude Wed Sep 11, 2013 3:26 pm

Power concerns
Athenos defense relay is OP. Destroys ALL projectiles in area, lasts 4 seconds, cooldown of 10 seconds. Two ships with this and properly alternating would be impossible to kill with the MAJORITY of the weapons in this game. It's effective against Mines, Turrets, Rockets, Photocasters, Angry Mathematics, and EVERYTHING ELSE except AoE, melee, and lasers.
Countersuggestion: Increase duration slightly, double cooldown, and limit number of projectiles destroyed per activation to 30-40 objects.

Stealth. The AI is annoying me by always being able to find me no matter where I hide. Everyone pretends they don't see me, but really they do. I assume this is not because of AI coding but because of game mechanics... which we can argue with.
Suggestion: Increase the relevance of velocity in regards to stealth. Stationary ships cause less interference when scanning the area it's in. No matter what you scan it with. It's universally true. So, when ship is stationary, does not use engines, does not use abilities, and does not move an inch, then have it be PERFECTLY UNDETECTABLE. Using active abilities to sweep the area (like lasers!) scanning the the ship with active scanners, or causing external movement via Gravity Manipulation, would be what ends up revealing the ship.
The AI would then have to predict your position based on where you last were, but hey, EC, you can always let them cheat just a little bit and tell them WHICH area they need to sweep.

If necessary, make this only activate when both the persistent cloak and the stationary cloak are active on a ship. This would give Rogues a use for that little thing.

Another suggestion: Disable targeting and outlining of your when there are 3 or more decoys of your ship on the field along with it. The only clue other players should get when there are decoys properly deployed are movement and collision. We had that one mission where our targeting was scrambled, and THAT was a really fun one. I want to be able to make my enemies feel that confusion.
(Automatically switch targeting beam to other hostile ship if available, don't disable entirely. Just for the ship with decoys)

Optional suggestion: [UTL-2U] Exotic matter storage. Decreases mass of ship by a slight but significant amount. (Due to its size, it cannot be equipped by fighters, and it would compete with the other useful stuff in the Utility slot. Those ships who can equip it best, Grapplers and Arsenals, are also those who have the most use for it)

Oh, and bugs? Editing a template via right-clicking an auxiliary bay doesn't show that you're editing a template and doesn't save afterwards. I recommend showing "Editing template: X" at the top of the screen, then ask if you want to save when you exit, and saving what you currently have as a template. And THEN the loadout you had on that ship BEFORE you loaded the template to edit it is restored to that ship (the "Active" loadout). Otherwise, if you have both actives and templates of a ship, things would get messed up when you edited a template of that ship.

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