Nero the Neuro-HUD

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Nero the Neuro-HUD

Post  EvilNinjadude on Fri Jan 11, 2013 4:17 am

Before: I have no clue who is attacking us, I've just been born and know NOTHING.

After: Oh you should check out this obscure Burger Place which I happen to know everything about, in a galaxy you of course did not know existed.

Was this all part of the firmware update? Then in that case I think it should hand wave it sometime around the first galaxy hop, and change the dialogue accordingly as Nero reveals that he downloaded all the knowledge he and you needed right at the beginning, and has just been holding it back for the hell of it. What a Face

Because let's face it, how else would he know all those things. Does he have an antenna to stream the Intergalactic News Service?

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